Lawrence of Arabia’s sandals discovered in carrier bag head to auction

Hansons auction in Etwall is to sell Thomas Edmund Lawrence’s sandals on the 19th December amongst a collection of other items previously belonging to the man who bore the title ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, also the title of the 1960’s film depicting his military service.

Image: Chloe Humenko/Hanson’s

Discovered on a valuation day in a Waitrose carrier bag the collection includes the title ‘Napier's English Battles and Sieges in the Peninsula’, which was given to Lawrence by the City of Oxford High School in 1903 and bears a Midsummer Examination prize label.

Charles Hanson, owner of the auction house, said “We understand the sandals were worn by the great man himself. Though in a delicate condition, they are remarkable survivors from almost a century ago. They must have faced rocky and sandy terrain and may be war-weary.” T E Lawrence is a well known military figure and lends his name to one of the most well known films ever made. His abilities to unite often opposing tribes to capture Damascus and begin to shape what we now consider to be the modern Middle East has certainly made the history books. Although an unusual collection it will almost certainly capture the attention of militaria collectors.

The collection is sold with good provenance and carries an estimate of between £2,000-£3,000.

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