Ivory ban to be debated in House of Lords

The recent proposal for a ban on the trade of ivory within the UK heads to the House of Lords. The debate will take place on the 21st December. The consultation period for the ban will end on the 29th December.

Former Fulham MP Lord Carrington called for the debate and has spoken against the proposed ban amid concerns the vast majority of ivory antiques outside of museums will be destroyed. He said: “Without exemptions from a blanket ban, all but those items of museum quality would be unsaleable and therefore likely eventually to be destroyed. The question is how to structure exemptions which don’t allow the poached ivory market to pass off new ivory as antique.”

The plans for the proposed ban currently include some exemptions for items which do not contribute to the poaching of elephants, including musical instruments such as pianos with ivory keys, items containing only a small proportion of ivory and those which have significant historic, artistic or cultural value.

The Environment Secretary Michael Gove has said: “The decline in the elephant population fuelled by poaching for ivory shames our generation."

The art and antiques trade has shown concerns about the proposed ban and has called for a system of licensing.

Have your say.

To give your opinion go to: gov.uk/government/consultations/banning-uk-sales-of-ivory

The deadline for response is December 29th, 2017

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